Professor, Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry
Kazan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Dr.Sc. in Chemistry

phone:+7-843-2318936; +7-843-2927347
e-mail: yufzuev@mail.ru


1973 M.Sc.in radio-physics and electronics, School of Physics, Kazan State University, Kazan, Russia

1985 Ph.D.in Molecular Physics, Kazan State University, Kazan, Russian Federation

2006 Dr.Sc. in Chemistry, Kazan State University, Kazan, Russian Federation

2009 Professor in Chemical Physics, Russian Federation


1973-1974 Technician, Kazan Institute of Biology of USSR Academy of Sciences, Kazan, Russia

1974-1978 Senior Engineer; Kazan Institute of Biology of USSR Academy of Sciences, Kazan, Russia

1978-1988 Research Fellow, Kazan Institute of Biology of USSR Academy of Sciences, Kazan, Russia

1988-2002 Senior Research Fellow, Kazan Institute of Biology of USSR Academy of Sciences, Kazan, Russia (renamed as Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Russian Academy of Sciences (KIBB RAS) in 1995)

2002-2005 Principal Research Fellow, KIBB RAS

2006-present Head of Laboratory (Biophysical Chemistry of Nanosystems), KIBB RAS

2011-present Institute Vice-Director (KIBB RAS)

2007-present Professor, Chair of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Kazan State Technological University, Kazan

2016-present Professor, Chair of Water Bioresources and Aquaculture, Kazan State Power Engineering University

2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 Visiting researcher, INRA, Nantes, France – Structural studies of milk proteins


Winner of the Tatarstan Republic State Prize in Sience and Technology, 2017

Honored Scientific Worker of Tatarstan Republic, 2010

Author and co-author of 300 scientific articles (143 cited by Scopus), 7 book chapters, 11 textbooks and manual textbooks, 3 patents.


• Physical methods for biological structures

• Dynamical structure of micro-heterogeneous synthetic and natural surfactant-based systems (micellar solutions and microemulsions)

• Chemical reactions (including enzymatic) in micro-heterogeneous surfactant-based systems

• Intermolecular interactions and intramolecular dynamics as regulatory factors of protein functional activity

• Protein engineering, structure and colloid properties

• Biopolymer-ligand complexes: interconnection of structure and biological functioning

• Engineering of DNA-amphiphile lipoplexes for medical applications


• Reviewer of Russian Scientific Foundation (Moscow)

• Reviewer of Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research

• Vice-Chair of the specialized board on Dr. Sc.-degree D 022.004.03 (Biology) in 03.01.02 -Biophysics, 03.01.05 - Plant Biochemistry and Physiology in Federal Research Centre Kazan Scientific Center of RASof Russian Academy of Sciences

• Member of the specialized board on Dr. Sc.-degree D 002.191.01 (Physics and Mathematics) in 01.04.11 - Physics of Magnetic Phenomena, 01.04.17 – Chemical Physics i/n Kazan E. K. Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Science

• Member of the specialized board on Dr. Sc.-degree D 999.097.02 (Chemistry; Technical Sciences) in 03.02.08 – Ecology (Chemical degree; Technical degree), 03.01.06 – Biotechnology (Technical degree) in Kazan National Research Technological University


1999-2001 RFBR, "Influence of the microemulsion dynamic structure on the catalysis of reactions of the phosphoryl and acyl groups transfer"

2002-2004 RFBR, "Interconnection of the water-in-oil microemulsions dynamic structure and functional stability of enzymes solubilyzed in this medium”

2005-2007 RFBR, "Local microenvironment, structural and functional stability of proteins in the surfactant-based microdispersed media"

2005-2007 RAS Presidium Programme “Biomolecular and Medical Chemistry”, Division of Chemistry and Material Science of RAS. “Modeling of enzymes natural microenvironment by supramolecular surfactant-based systems”

2008-2012 RAS Presidium Programme “Molecular and Cellular Biology”, Division of Biological Sciences of RAS. “Microenvironment as regulatory factor of protein structural and dynamic properties and protein-ligand interactions

2009-2011 RFBR, Structure and catalytic effects in supramolecular systems based on Gemini surfactants and enzymes

2010-2012 Federal Aimed Programme, Ministry of Education and Science, “Molecular mechanisms of phytoimmunity: signaling mediators and re programming of gene expression

2012-2014 RFBR, Interaction of amphiphiles with DNA: structure and properties of supramolecule systems for biology and medicine

2013-2014 RFBR-region, Structural and physic-chemical patterns of molecular design of amphiphile-based delivery systems of gene material

2015-2017 RFBR-region, The influence of lipid composition and morphology in formation, structure and properties of fibrin clots

2015-2017 RFBR, Supramolecular chemistry of peptide-based and DNA-based lipoplexes with synthetic amphiphile ligands

2018-2020 RFBR, Composite polysaccharide-protrin hydrogels: moleculat engineering for grug delivery and regenerative medicine


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