About JM Module


Project Reference: 101047533-GreenTexEd-ERASMUS-JMO-2021-HEI-TCH-RSC

Start – 2022, End - 2025

The module aims at offering on European green deal and circular economy to engineering students and scientists so that they can expand their expertise in both the environmental and social impacts of the textile industry and create green textiles in line with sustainable development goals as their European colleagues do.

The module intends to add the EU dimension to the textile engineering degree programs, which are mostly non-EU oriented in Russia.

The interdisciplinary project team will include PhDs and professors with vast experience in EU studies: a specialist in textile engineering (the leader), an educationalist, and engineers. The project participants are additionally skilled in intercultural communication, math modelling, networking and internationalization.

Project outcomes:
• developing the engineering students’ awareness of sustainable development goals and circular economy agenda in the EU;
• empowering students, professors and industry representatives to change the focus of textile production to the eco-design inspired by the best EU practices;
• encouraging HEIs and industrial companies to role-model their European counterparts in implementing green environment and sustainable textile policies.

Project outputs:
Four courses providing an integrated and holistic immersion into the EU HIE entrepreneurial ecosystem:
• EU Green Deal and Circular Economy - 24 contact hour;
• EU Textile Strategy - 29 contact hour;
• EU Environmentally Friendly Chemical Technologies - 24 contact hour;
• Cultural Dimensions of EU Sustainable Development - 18 contact hours.

Project impact will include adding the EU dimension to non-EU related curricula; encouraging students to study the EU experiences; EU-inspired solutions to transform the local textile industries to fit the sustainable development goals in line with the EU policies; focusing on collaboration with the academic community through the EU networks that will benefit the EU.

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