The history of the Kazan National Research Technological University Board of Trustees goes back to April, 24, 1895, when Russian State Council in Saint Petersburg arrived at a decision to establish the Board of Trustees at Kazan Industrial College to promote the welfare of students through providing funds for teaching and learning materials, dormitories supervision, music and dancing classes. The first Chairman of the Board to be appointed was the director of gunpowder factory, major general Vsevolod Luknitskiy.

It was in 1991 that the traditions were revived, and Kazan National Research Technological University appeared to be one of the first universities in Russia to reestablish its Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees was initiated by the top industry leaders of the region. The Board seeks to create and maintain a University that offers lifelong education of the highest possible quality; encourages efficient research and experimentation; improves its infrastructure; supports talented undergraduate and postgraduate students, young scientists and faculty.

Today the Board of Trustees comprises over 40 leaders of chemical, petrochemical, machinery engineering, light industry and agro-industrial plants of the Tatarstan Republic and Russian Federation as well as the leaders of federal and regional public administration authorities.

The members of the Board of Trustees are drawn on a voluntary basis. Many of the present members expressed their desire to join the Board themselves.

The Board of Trustees provides assistance to Kazan National Research Technological University in satisfying the demands of the region industry; raising funds for University maintenance; finding job positions for University graduates in industry.






Yury M. Mikhailov

Chairman of the Scientific-Technical Council of Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation



Institute of Polymers

Rafinat S. Yarullin

Director General,


Boarding school for talented children with advanced study in chemistry

Ravil Kh. Zaripov

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan

Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology

Mikhail S. Reznikov

General Director, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Cheboksary Production Association named after V.I.Chapaev”

Institute of Mechanical Engineering for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Ibragim G. Khisameiev

General Director,

“Kazancompressormash” JSC;


Research Institute “Turbocompressor named after V.B. Shnepp”

Institute of Petroleum , Chemistry and Nanotechnologies

Rais B. Sibgatullin

Chief Engineer,

Kazan Chemical Works named after M. Vakhitov (ОАО Nefis Cosmetics)

Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology

Ildar A. Nikiforov

Chairman of Management Board,

Association of Bakery Products Producers in the Republic of Tatarstan

Institute of Light Industry, Fashion and Design

Farida Kh. Nafikova


JSC “ Kazan Garment Factory”

Institute of Additional Professional Education

Vasilyi N. Shuiskyi

Deputy General Director, “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” INC

Institute of Automated Control Systems and Information Technologies

Vladimir O. Savel'ev

CEO "Yokogawa Electric CIS" Ltd

Institute of Innovation Management

Vasiliy N. Likhachev

State Duma Deputy

Executive Secretary

Konstantin V. Mikryukov


KNRTU Vice-Rector Assistant