Engineering Educators Pedagogical Training (ENTER)*



Project Reference: 598506-EPP-1-2018-1-PT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

Start – 2018, End - 2021

Project aim and objectives

The ENTER project main objective is develop multi-level modular system for pedagogical training of engineering educators based on international network cooperation and 7 specific project objectives:
1. Analyze European practice in effective methods of highly skilled engineering educators training;
2. Develop three programmes (basic, fundamental, advanced) for engineering educators with a variable set of modules based on modern education technologies such as e-learning;
3. Develop technology for creating individual paths in engineering pedagogics;
4. Develop patterns of international cooperation in implementing the modules and providing dissemination of outcomes and outputs;
5. Develop legal support documents and regulations for network cooperation;
6. Develop evaluation criteria for professional competencies mastered by engineering educators and criteria for training programmes quality assessment;
7. Assess the results of pilot programmes implemention.

Project description

ENTER aims at creating a novel multicultural and international approach for formal post-graduate professional and pedagogical education for engineering educators. Furthermore, it is focused on low cost and convenience, thus strongly based on e-learning technologies, whenever feasible, and designed with the objective of being internationally recognized and accredited. ENTER wants to go further than existing offers, offering the possibility of customization and adaptation to educators and HEIs' needs (e.g. national or regional context) and cover multiple areas of engineering.

• The ENTER collaborative/network approach, focused on HEIs and educators' needs (low cost, convenience, mutual recognition, peer-reviewed quality assurance, customization), aims to greatly increase the number of engineering educators enrolled in pedagogical and professional improvement programs.
• This will have a profound impact in the quality of engineering education, first on ENTER member HEIs, but later on all EU.
• ENTER governance model and aims will also focus on openness and excellence. The mechanisms will be defined for the seamless addition of new members and rigorous peer-review quality control will be enforced.
• i-PET programme accreditation is also one of the project's objectives.

iPET programme

The main objective of the Consortium is to develop multi-level modular system for pedagogical training of engineering educators based on international network cooperation.
The ENTER proposes a hierarchy of 3 structured educational programs for engineering educators - iPET programme, in the context of the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning. The actual design is one of the outputs of the project and foresees 3 educational programs with different content and duration (names are tentative):
• iPET-1 Short-focused (e.g. 2 ECTS) - "Qualification Development" Certificate;
• iPET-2 Professional Retraining (e.g. 8 ECTS) - Diploma "Higher Education Teacher";
• iPET-3 International recognized (e.g. 20 ECTS) - a full programme leading to international accreditation as "Engineering Educator".

Programmes have modular structure, i.e. modules of iPET-1 are included in iPET-2, and both are included in iPET-3. This provides a sustainable improvement path that educators can walk at their own pace. It will also be possible for the educators to combine modules from different ENTER network members.

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