Students from other towns and cities often ask if there any other accommodation options besides the students’ dormitory. In order to help students, KNRTU Trade Union Commitee is implementing a “ProfDOM” social project. This is where you can find accommodation while studying in Kazan.

ProfDOM is

- an own database, which is formed from the owners’ suggestions on renting an apartment or room;

- affordable prices for students (without intermediaries);

- opportunity to share the room with other students of our university.

Looking for a place to live? We are waiting for you in our group in the social network “VKontakte” -

In order to be accepted into the group of ProfDOM it is necessary to be:

1) a full-time student of KNRTU,

2) a member of the Trade Union Commitee of KNRTU.

You should also send a photo of your student ID card or a grade book to confirm your status as a student of our university.

In case you are an applicant and already have the order of your enrollment, you will need to provide a scan of it and confirm your data.

Your application for admission to our group in the “VKontakte” will be review during 2 business days.

Contact us:

Address: 420015, Kazan, 68 Karl Marx St., Building "A", Office A154.

Project Manager Elina Sabitova, tel.: +79867016051.