Developing international partnerships with Turkish universities has opened up new opportunities for KNRTU students. At the beginning of December, master's students had an internship at Eskisehir Technical University and gained unique experience at the Department of Chemical Technology. The gained knowledge will form an important part of their final qualification projects.

The Agreement on Academic Cooperation between KNRTU and Eskisehir Technical University (Turkey) allowed the representatives of our university to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the Turkish educational system. The delegation from KNRTU, led by the Head of the Department of Physical and Colloidal Chemistry Professor Yuri Galyametdinov, consisting of Associate Professor Aliya Galeeva, Angelina Drozdetskaya from International Affairs Department and 6 master students of "Smart Materials" and "Molecular Engineering" programmes visited lectures and laboratories of the youngest university in Eskisehir.

The Department of Chemical Engineering, with which KNRTU has been cooperating since 2019, was founded in 1968 and is one of the key departments at Eskisehir Technical University. On the first guided tour, the postgraduate students of this department showed the classrooms and laboratory park. During the production practice masters conducted laboratory works under the supervision of laboratory assistants and postgraduate students using the equipment of the university, and got acquainted with their working principles. The main processes to be studied were heat processing due to the TGA, as well as optical study with the help of UV technology. The KNRTU students also had the opportunity to interact with Turkish students and attend lectures and seminars in English.

During internship young professionals have gained knowledge and skills, which can be used in further practical tasks and researches. Also, the representatives of KNRTU have discussed topics on further academic cooperation.