The staff and students of KNRTU on the third week of December have visited an Istanbul-based chemical company Pulcra Chemicals – an international operating company with engineering expertise and more than 140-years of experience of innovative chemicals supply for textile, leather and fur industries. The company is presented in 13 countries and its history goes back to chemical-industrial company Henkel.

The project team under the program of Development of International Cooperation in Engineering Training Program within the framework of the grant of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan Algarysh, headed by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Dilbar Sultanova, as well as a group of colleagues and students get acquainted with the work of Turkish colleagues.

Also, employees and students have visited the research and analytical laboratories of Pulcra Chemicals. Representatives of the company spoke in detail about the specifics of the operation of equipment, where the products are tested before being put into production. The company’s engineers demonstrated the production facility and reactors, which are responsible for the production of chemical compounds.

The opportunity to visit this enterprise was presented thanks to the General Director of Pulcra LLC in Russia, Dagir Semenov - a graduate of KSTU. The area of his professional interests is leather production, which is reflected and successfully defended in his PhD thesis.

The choice of Istanbul was due to the fact that the light industry cluster is located in this region, which gave students and university staff a unique opportunity to visit and study the work of various modern enterprises specializing in the development of new chemical compositions and their implementation at the enterprise within three days.

The project team and students also visited Derimsan Deri İmalat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi to get acquainted with the technical equipment of the factory and to study the operation of the equipment for soaking, tanning and finishing processes. The company specializes in leather dressing and finishing. In addition, the colleagues visited a large factory for the production of semi-finished sheepskin, Gündüz Kürk, which specializes in the use of a special modern double-face technology.

With the representatives of Pulcra Chemicals our university staff discussed the possibility of organizing internships, as well as employment in the future for the best students of KNRTU.