On March 16th, representatives of leading venture funds, investment companies and entrepreneurs of high-tech segment took part in the Russian Venture Forum. The main topic of the event was the enhancement of the development models of the technology market, which will be fundamental in the next five to seven years.

The exhibition featured four creative developments from KNRTU students. Some projects have already found business partners and are ready for industrial implementation.

Under the guidance of Maria Lisanevich, Associate Professor of the Department of Medical Engineering, Tatiana Voloshina, a student of the Institute of Light Industry, Fashion and Design, presented a multifunctional blanket for the transportation and evacuation of newborns in case of emergencies. The project found partners, and subsequently an agreement was made on the supply of hollofiber material with Thermopol and sewing these blankets at Zdravmedtech-Povolzhye manufactures.

Grigory Mirgaleev, a postgraduate student of the Department of Physical and Colloidal Chemistry, unveiled his project on Production of Biodegradable Medicine Carriers for Theranostic Purposes (under the guidance of Professor Svetlana Shilova).

The work of Alexander Gorbachev, postgraduate student of the Department of Chemistry and Processing Technology of Elastomers is connected with the introduction of fundamentally new material in the production of siding and terrace boards. The young scientist develops new technologies which allows to use agro- and timber industry enterprises wastes as a filler for wood-polymer composites. The finished products have lower cost price and at the same time are much better than the existing materials on the market by their performance characteristics. His research is conducted under the guidance of his mentors – Associate Professor Ilnur Faizullin and Professor Svetoslav Wolfson.

The visitors were mostly excited by the development of Elena Akhmetkhanova, a student of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, who presented a series of projects on the complex processing of sea buckthorn (scientific supervisor – Prof. Rushan Safin, Head of the Department of Wood Processing). Forum participants could listen to the information about obtaining sea buckthorn oil with high carotenoid content and try a sea buckthorn beverage made in KNRTU, which contains happy hormones - serotonin. Rustam Minnikhanov, the Rais (Head) of the Republic of Tatarstan, also expressed his desire to taste this innovation product, although he honestly admitted that he has not liked sea buckthorn since childhood.

According to Ruslan Safin, KNRTU Vice-Rector for Research and Innovations, all students who presented their projects are very promising scientists. They are the winners of the Student Startup contest of the Platform for University Technological Entrepreneurship federal program and actively search for investors, while continuing to do research and develop their ideas.

Source: KNRTU