On April 6th, SIBUR-Fest, a major career guidance event, was held in KNRTU for all Kazan university students and everyone willing to become a part of the SIBUR team.

Digital technologies, creative organization of the event, information delivery, a bright corporate style in the design of university spaces and stations of SIBUR enterprises from all over Russia, everything was designed to reflect the spirit of the company as one of the world’s leaders in petrochemical industry.

The program included business and interactive sections. At the meeting there were many discussions about SIBUR digital projects, including digital diagnostics of equipment by flying drones, digital sensors, production models, global data processing, social and career development at the company.

During the interactive part of the event, participants had to go through 10 stations, which represented SIBUR different enterprises all over Russia, and complete tasks each company. If the task solved correctly, the participant received a sticker, and an additional task to make a profile of a SIBUR employee. The winners received valuable prizes from the company.

Source: KNRTU