From July 1st till July 5th, students and academicians of KNRTU visited the Y.H. Mamedaliyev’s Institute of Petrochemical Processes.

The program of the visit included acquaintance with the leading scientific school of Honorary Doctor of KNRTU – Academician Vagif Abbasov. The beginning of fruitful cooperation between our university and Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (ANAS) was laid by professors of the Technology of Synthetic Rubber Department Lyubov Zenitova and Raisa Akhmedyanova, as well as the Chair of the Department of Medical Engineering Ildar Musin.

The Naftalanplast project was successfully developed at the Department of Medical Engineering, which is developing an antibacterial patch for cosmetology. The main active component is the therapeutic white naphthalan oil. Associate Professor of Medical Engineering Department Maria Lisanevich and Associate Professor of Industrial Biotechnology Department Elena Perushkina presented the actual results of tests of medical products with naphthalan.

Students of KNRTU Ksenia Gonchar and Vladlen Shabalov, studying in the field of Biotechnical Systems and Technologies, discussed the prospects for the use of biologically active and natural-based drugs in medicine and cosmetology.

“Meeting with Academician Abbasov in person and asking him questions, which have accumulated during the Federal University Intensive 2035, is a very valuable experience, which inspires further scientific research and development,” – commented Ksenia Gonchar.

Special attention at the meeting was devoted to the implementation of the educational programs of the Master’s Degree at the Y.H. Mamedaliyev’s Institute of Petrochemical Processes, including the integration of an online educational courses for students. The visit became possible thanks to the participation of our staff and students in the grant competition for academicians 2022/2023 of the Vladimir Potanin Scholarship Program.