On August 9, the representatives of the Russian-Tajik Slavonic University (RTSU) visited KNRTU to study the experience of our university on the organization of systematic work with talented youth.

RTSU Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Marina Rusakova and Lead Specialist of the Department of Science and Innovation Sharofat Rakhimova visited the Boarding School for Talented Children with Advanced Study in Chemistry at KNRTU. In the main building of the university colleagues got acquainted with the experience of management of students’ project activities.

The Russian-Tajik (Slavic) University is 30 years old, located in Dushanbe and it is the first interstate higher education institution (jointly administered by Russian Federation and Republic of Tajikistan). Education is conducted in accordance with the Russian Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education (Bachelors, Masters and Specialists) in two languages – Russian and Tajik.

Kamila Kovaleva, Director of KNRTU Boarding School, shared her experience of working with gifted children, told about profile classes of PJSC Gazprom and the opening of a new class of SIBUR, which will be held on September 1.

In the Boarding School Center of Youth Innovation Creativity, called Orbital, the guests were shown what projects the lyceum students are engaged in there.

Elina Vasilyeva, Lead Engineer, Acting Head of the Educational and Project Activities of Students Office told about the support of student projects and organization of educational and project activities. The Project Studio of KNRTU and the successful experience of our university’s participation in the competition Student Startup, Startup as a Diploma, as well as in the Case In International Engineering Championship, where students from Tajikistan can also participate in it.

Source: KNRTU