The All-Russian Youth Forum “OstroVa” was held on Sakhalin Island in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Its participants were 500 young and ambitious students from 89 regions of Russia. Among them were Damir Gaifullin and Dilyara Ametova, students of the Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies.

Students decided to participate in the “Careers of OstraVa. Oil and Gas”, which is aimed at growth and development in oil and gas industry as well as career prospects in Sakhalin region. Since the regions’ economy is dominated by oil and gas sector, Damir and Dilyara had time to visit a liquefied natural gas production plant, which is supplied to Japan, Republic of Korea, PRC, Thailand and Mexico. At the internship from Rosatom company they have got acquainted with Lean Production and its implementation as well as took part in solving a case study from the Sakhalin Energy company. The educational program focused on career development on the island, attraction of youth, preferential benefits for people moving and current issues Sakhalin is struggling with. Damir and Dilyara were introduced to the intricacies of the companies’ operations, opportunities for young specialist in the field of oil and gas, but also gained experience of working in a team.

“The forum gives a great step forward in development for the whole Far-Eastern region and an opportunity for young specialist to implement their ideas under excellent conditions. In the future, I will definitely consider the possibility of working in this region at oil and gas enterprises of Sakhalin region”, – Dilyara Ametova shared her impressions.