From October 9 to 14, a representative delegation of KNRTU, headed by Rector Yury Kazakov, and the Corporate University of LLC "Sibur" was on a working visit to the People's Republic of China. The extensive agenda of the visit included meetings with colleagues from leading Chinese universities and Sinopec Corporate University, as well as with KNRTU students currently studying in China.

Prospects for the development of mutually beneficial relations were discussed during the visit to the Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT). The parties noted that the successfully implemented "2+2" educational program (in which KNRTU students receive both Russian and Chinese university diplomas while studying in China for two years) should be expanded: future oil engineers, mechanics and IT engineers can join the polymer students who are now studying in the program. KNRTU, in turn, is ready to receive Chinese students. Yury Kazakov and the President of BUCT Tan Tianwei signed a Memorandum of cooperation.

At Tianjin University (a leading university in the field of Chemical Technologies) was held a meeting with President Jin Dunhan. A Memorandum on joint training of bachelors and masters in "Chemical Engineering", "Chemical Technology", "Automation of Technological Processes" is currently being prepared for signing. However, this list of fields of study is not exhaustive (the possibilities of its expansion will be discussed after representatives of specialized departments of KNRTU will visit Tianjin University). The visit to Tianjin took place with the organizational support of SIBUR and Sinopec companies.

The invitation to visit the corporate university of Sinopec - one of the world's largest energy and chemical companies (No. 6 in the world in terms of profit in the field of oil refining and petrochemicals, more than 650 thousand employees) was an indicator of trust and great interest of the Chinese side in cooperation. During the meeting was discussed the issue of training of engineering personnel for joint Russian-Chinese enterprises, involvement of leading scientists of KNRTU in the implementation of advanced training programs for the company's employees.

- I think our trip was very fruitful, said Yury Kazakov, Rector of KNRTU. - There was a lot to see and talk about. I liked the equipment of the universities and the infrastructure of the campuses. This is my first foreign working visit as a rector, and it is not a coincidence that it was planned to China. It is a key partner of our country in the field of economic and scientific and technical cooperation, so for our university it is a promising platform for international cooperation with universities and companies. We have made sure that our Chinese colleagues are open to cooperate.

A significant part of the visit was an informal meeting with KNRTU students who left to study at BUCT in September this year.

We saw how they study, how their life was organized, what problems they had. We walked around the campus together and had dinner. Our students are very smart and talented, we wish them successful adaptation and success in their studies! - Yury Kazakov noted in his Telegram channel.