On October 12th, in Kazan opened the 22nd specialized exhibition “Education. Career”, which is attended by more than 30 universities and colleges in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The project, traditionally organized with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, was held this year in a special place, the pavilion of Ak Bars Retro Cars. This determined the concept of our university’s exposition, the center of which is a unique Bugatti Veyron Hypercar (the fastest production car in the world), which attracts the hearts of young visitors.

The structure of the university is originally presented on the example of this black car: each institute is objectively correlated with individual systems and elements of the machine. “KNRTU has the widest range of educational training and Bugatti turned out to be a good example to demonstrate our educational potential,” – says Elvina R. Galiullina, Head of the Department of Pre-University Training and Special Programs.

Institutes of KNITU organized within the framework of the exhibition their signature master classes: “Braiding bracelets and trinkets” (Institute of Light Industry, Fashion and Design), “Chemical reactions” (Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies), “Paper from cellulose” (Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology) and “Systems modeling” (Institute of Automated Control Systems and Information Technologies).

We talked with visitors of the exhibition:

“Thanks to the master class on creating a trinket, I learned that you also have creative specialties. I have never thought that KNRTU has something like this. I love creativity and in the booklet of the Institute of Light Industry, Fashion and Design I have already noted a couple of interesting specialties for myself,” – says Gulnaz, a Kazan school graduate.

“I am fond of physics, and I dream of becoming an engineer, probably something related to electrical engineering or mechanics. In addition, I am interested in information technologies, so KNRTU is a highly attractive place for me to study in the future,” – says Michael, an eleventh-grader.

However, the exhibition is not only about brightly colored presentations and the eager eyes of applicants attracted to university creativity. The most significant thing is consultations of professors and student volunteers from all institutes of KNRTU and Kazan Technological College, which are held here constantly: with pupils, teachers and parents.

Source: KNRTU