Last week, on November 28th, the Traditional Festival of Peoples’ Friendship took place in the House of Peoples’ Friendship of Tatarstan, which gathered together performers and spectators from different countries.

On the stage that evening national songs of the peoples of Russia, Central and Middle Asia, Caucasus and South America were performed. The stage was filled with exciting national dances and sonorous songs of Tatars and Russians, Mari and Kazakhs, Georgians and Adjarians, Kyrgyz, Turkmens and Tajiks, Indians and Columbians.

The audience was fascinated by the rich ethnic color of the outfits, the talent, skill and energy of the young performers and by the bright palette of colors on stage.

The dance group “Shakhnas” of KNRTU came on stage twice and both times a cheerful Russian dance masterfully performed by our students aroused by great delight of the audience. Diana Zulpueva, a student of KNRTU, in a passionate song in the Kyrgyz language with a video installation urged the audience to appreciate the history of ancestors.

Many performers conquered the hall: dance ensemble “Sakartvelo” with Georgian dance Rachuli, Adjarian dance, dancers from Columbia, Chatterjee Powlami from India with a very mischievous and emotional folk dance, girls from the collective “Shattyk” with very lyrical and dynamic Kazakh dance.

“The Festival of Friendship like no other event contributes to the adaptation of our international students to life in Russia and Kazan. International students see that here, in Tatarstan and in our university we have created a kind and open multinational environment, that we respect the traditions and culture of different countries and actually strengthen the friendship of nations” – says Andrey Vasiliev, Dean of the Faculty of International Educational Programs.

The festival ended with the song “Russia is a country of opportunities”, performed by all the artists and groups who performed on stage that evening. The Festival of Friendship of Peoples is a recognizable brand of KNRTU, it helps students of different nationalities to understand each other, and the for audience to see on one stage bright sketches from the life of the people from different countries.