Associate professors of the Department of Technology Services of KNRTU Veronika Mendelson and Abdel Vakhed Essam Abdullah Makhmud completed a two-week internship at Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotels in Luxor "EGOTH", Egypt. The program “Tourism Management” (grant "Algarysh") was aimed at developing international cooperation with the leaders in tourism and education within hotel and tourism services field in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

“We have had the opportunity to listen to a course of the specific lectures, participate in practical classes, evaluate the university’s infrastructure and hold several meetings with teaching staff and students,” said Veronika Mendelson. “In addition, thanks to the internship program developed specifically for the project group, it has been possible to combine theoretical and practical training by visiting a number of archaeological and touristic sights in Egypt.

As a part of the internship, there was a meeting with the representatives from the Alumni Association of Russian and Soviet Universities in Egypt. The members and management of the Association strive to attract students who complete their studies in Russia. Currently, about 20 thousand Egyptians are studying in Russia. The association plays an important role in strengthening the relationships between Egypt and Russia. Its members take part in different meetings and events related to education and science, actively represent Russian culture in Egypt, and do a lot of work with Russian cultural centers in Cairo and Alexandria.

It was also noted at the meeting that graduates of Russian and Soviet universities occupy many leadership positions in the field of science, culture and other spheres. The Egyptian Minister of Higher Education has received his engineering education in Russia. The Academy of Art, conservatories, and theaters are headed by the graduates of Russian universities; the former director of the Cairo Opera House has also received his education in Russia. The Russian school has trained highly professional specialists for Egypt. The meeting participants positively responded to the university’s proposal to consider the possibility of signing a Memorandum of Understanding between KNRTU and the Russian Cultural Center in Egypt.