The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute has chosen “neural network” as the word of 2023. According to experts, it captures the most relevant modern trends.

KNRTU, as always, is in the trend – for 2024 the student activists proposed to create a corporate wall calendar using neural network.

“We decided to support the initiative of the students and entrust not only the creation of visuals, but also the generation of texts with ideas for the calendar posters to artificial intelligence. The 2024 year is declared to be the year of scientific and technological development in the Republic of Tatarstan, so we asked the neural network to look into the future and tell us about the impact of technological progress on our university”, explains Roman Tonshev, Head of Youth Policy and Social Work Office.

In the future, according to the neural network, our directorates will become digital, student will eat in the KNRTU cafeterias according to an individual menu generated by a robot chef, and travel between the building of the university by self-driving bus.

You can read about more innovative solutions offered by neural network for students and employees of KNRTU in the new calendar.

Source: KNRTU