Five students from the Institute of Innovation Management, KNRTU have had an excellent continuation of the New Year holidays.

Ilyas Sagirov, Valeriia Morokishko, Alina Zaripova, Endzhe Abdullina and Ruslan Timayev arrived at the campus of the Indian Institute of Management (Raipur) for a three-month internship in the program "Management".

The trip has become possible thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding signed by our university and the Indian institute back in 2016. Indian Institute of Management Raipur is the best example of management education in India. It trains personnel for the industrial sector of the economy. For KNRTU students, participation in the program is a tremendous cultural, linguistic, professional experience of communication and immersion in the life of the most dynamic and highly populated country in the world, where global business, trade, financial innovation and ethnic diversity come to the force.

"We were welcomed very well in Raipur," said Ilyas. - They laid the table for us, presented gifts and gave us a tour. The campus is very comfortable: there is a gym, a swimming pool, a library, academic and residential buildings, various playgrounds and courts. They settled us in cozy and beautiful single rooms with modern conveniences. They also offered us a choice of two places to eat: a dining room with buffet and Indian cuisine or a restaurant with continental cuisine".

Our students quickly found a common language with the local residents. According to Valeria, everyone is very smiling, open and ready to help at any moment. "I am happy to spend the next 3 months with them and take not only new knowledge from here, but also a lot of interesting acquaintances", - said the internship participant.