On February 21, a new branded multifunctional student space opened on the second floor of the Building D. The good tradition at KNRTU of organizing student spaces dedicated to our industrial partners and, most importantly for students, potential employers, was this time taken up by the Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies and the Joint Stock Company "Union of Scientific and Industrial Chemistry".

The compact cozy space includes wide steps for seating, a console table, a spacious bookcrossing shelf, and an information stand. Here you can work, charge your phone and laptop (all places are equipped with sockets), simply sit and relax between classes. The attractive modern design - walls in "tornado" color, graphics, and other decorative details - were also developed by designers from our industrial partner in their corporate style.

Yury Kazakov, Rector of KNRTU, expressed words of gratitude to partners who helped create another wonderful space at the university. According to him, KNRTU plans to build relationships with the “Union of Scientific and Industrial Chemistry” Joint Stock Company on a systematic basis, and the appearance of a branded space is a good start to this process.

"It is a great honor for us to open a corner of our company at KNRTU today. We would like to cooperate more closely with the university, especially since 35% of our company's staff are KNRTU graduates. Let's earn and enhance science together", he addressed the gathered petroleum engineering students, said Elbrus Magdeev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Union of Scientific and Industrial Chemistry” Joint Stock Company.

"Students don't just study, they, you could say, live in the university, and it's very pleasant when they have comfortable spaces for work and relaxation. Universities are the keepers of fundamental education, science, academic environment, here, in modern terms, a special vibe. The industry now faces big challenges, and companies will solve together with the universities - we see them not only as a personnel supplier, but also as partners in the development of materials and technologies", noted the Ildar Gamilov, General Director of the "Union of Scientific and Industrial Chemistry" Joint Stock Company.

The “Union of Scientific and Industrial Chemistry” Joint Stock Company is not only a partner of KNRTU, but also one of the rapidly developing industry companies, and we need to be as fashionable in terms of infrastructure and employee relationships. The company has gone through an amazing transformation, experienced a real breakthrough, there is literally a different world, different relationships, a different level of tasks and ambitions there, and we should strive for the same level”, emphasized Prof. Nataliya Bashkirceva, Director of the Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies.

At the end of the opening ceremony, representatives of the partner company and the rector of KNRTU solemnly cut the red ribbon. We have no doubt that the new location will become one of the iconic and favorite places for students.