Representatives of KNRTU Department of Medical Engineering are currently on a working visit to the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India). Their visit is not accidental - this educational institution is close to KNRTU in education profile and is a national center of excellence for training, research and development in the field of science, engineering and technology in India. For our colleagues it is a unique opportunity to exchange experience and see the level of work of Indian scientists.

"Our visit took place as part of a joint project to create a medical device to evaluate the effectiveness of drugs that are used in oncology," explained Ildar Musin, Chair of the Department of Medical Engineering.

Representatives of KNRTU also visited the Center for Biomedical Engineering. Prof. Neetu Singh, Head of the Center for Biomedical Engineering, said that the center studies biomedicine and behavior of molecular systems for better and innovative drug delivery. Development activities are also carried out for biomaterials, rehabilitation equipment, medical devices and implants.

The parties agreed on mutual internships for students and lecturers, cooperation in scientific developments, joint participation in grants.

Source: KNRTU