On March 15th at the Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies a solemn awarding ceremony was held for the 1st year bachelor’s degree students who successfully passed the first exams.

To congratulate the first “stars” of the year, administration of the Institute as well as the KNRTU partner IT – company RTSim came to the 1st bachelor’s degree students at the beginning of the in-line lectures in large lecture halls.

“This event is held for the first time in the history of our institute and faculty. Together with our partner – RTSim company we decided to congratulate all those who completed the semester with “excellent”, because the first exams week is one of the most difficult due to the new environment. Many of you came here from other cities, separated from your parents. You have got acquainted with each other, with the university, with the city, made your first independent steps. On the other hand, now you have a fun student life, freedom, and at this time it is important not to get lost in the sea of opportunities – music, sports, festivals… But your education is the cornerstone on which your future will be built”, said Nataliya Bashkirtseva, Director of Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies.

Introducing students to RTSim, Nataliya Bashkirtseva emphasized that today all large companies create digital twins of their production facilities, on which you can train in their operation.

“Now is the time to create a base that will make you a professional. Today there is a great demand for engineering personnel, and it is important for you to study well, progress and study basic and specialized subjects that will enable you to work in petrochemical and other industries in the future. Today there is a global construction of enterprises and SIBUR is one of the examples, and everywhere there will be a need for qualified and good technologists. You have made the right choice by enrolling in KNRTU and at the next years of bachelor’s degree, employer’s, including us, will start approaching you with offers. Come to us! In our IT-company 80% are KNRTU graduates”, said Oleg Sapaev, Development Director of RTSim.