The I All-Russian Student Scientific and Technical Conference "Equipment and Technological Processes of Thermal and Refrigeration Plants" opened at KNRTU. The representatives of industry, universities and scientific organizations of Russia, dealing with the issues of thermal and refrigeration plants, gathered at the university for the first time.

"There's no such thing as too many specialists. And the fact that this hall has gathered all interested parties for the first time is already a significant achievement. I remember the words of my teacher, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Low Temperatures of MPEI Sergey Nesterov, who said that all high technologies are based on three pillars: Cryogenic Refrigeration Equipment, Vacuum Engineering and Nanotechnology," noted Professor Alexey Burmistrov, Director of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.

The reports of representatives of enterprises were especially interesting for the future employees. According to Evgeny Ibragimov, Director for Localization and Import Substitution of HMS Compressors, it is especially important for the industrialists to cooperate with the representatives of universities. He spoke about the development of the company in Kazan, its technical potential and the directions that are currently being implemented at the plant.

"Today the emphasis is placed on the development of domestic industry, so the specialists of our universities are highly demanded. We have successfully functioning scientific schools and therefore the reports will be very useful not only for the professors, but also for young scientists and students, whose task in the future is to ensure food security of the country," said Igor Baranov, President of the International Academy of Refrigeration.

During three days at KNRTU there will be reports on various topics: cryogenic technologies in high-energy physics, creation of modern compressors and evaluation of their efficiency, mathematical modeling of working processes, the theoretical basis of thermal, refrigeration and cryogenic units.

Source: KNRTU