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1890 - Kazan Industrial College
1919 - Kazan Polytechnic Institute
1930 - Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology
1992 - Kazan State Technological University (KSTU)
Since 2011-Kazan National Research Technological University (KNRTU)

KNRTU consists of:
- 12 educational and research institutes (including the Design Institute "Soyuzkhimpromproekt", Kazan Scientific Research Institute of Special Purpose Rubbers "Spetskauchuk");
- 4 remote campuses:
Nizhnekamsk Chemical and Technological Institute and branches in Bugulma (Russia, Tatarstan) and Kant (Kyrgyzstan);
Lyceum for Gifted Children with Advanced Study of Chemistry;
Kazan Technological College.

Educational activity
Today KNRTU is the largest educational center of chemical and technological profile in the Russian Federation - the leader in the field of training highly qualified engineering personnel in the field of Chemical Technology. It implements more than 378 educational programs of higher, secondary and additional education. The University has more than 25,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from Russia and abroad.
The educational process is conducted by 284 Doctors of Science and 990 PhDs. Post-graduate and doctoral programs are successfully functioning. The University has 14 Dissertation Councils.
KNRTU is a leading University of the petrochemical educational cluster, integrating primary, secondary, higher and additional professional education and innovative activities of the Republic of Tatarstan in this area.

Science and Innovation
KNRTU has receiveda high reputation and global recognition for its research activities conducting research in priority areas ofscience and technology development.
For the production of pilot batches, technology development and R&D commercialization, a Research and Production Park, consisting of business incubators, innovative areas and a technology transfer center has been created. Today, KNRTU's innovation infrastructure includes 38 small enterprises and 26 RECs with the country's leading scientific and educational institutions.
Thus, the University has everything necessary for the implementation of a full innovation cycle: an integrated system of continuing education, developed fundamental and applied research and design activities, a network of its own production facilities.
Among the University's partners are the largest regional and federal companies - leaders of the Russian economy, such as Gazprom, SIBUR, Aeroflot, Tatneft, Kamaz, TANECO, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Kazanorgsintez, and others. For these and other companies, KNRTU trains specialists, organizes practical training for students, implements joint scientific research and a wide range of project work.

International partnership
KNRTU is developing various international activities. The University has created a modern system of pre-university education of foreign citizens in Russian. Currently, more than 2,300 foreign citizens from 45 countries are studying at KNRTU.
Much attention is paid to the development of cooperation with international organizations. The University is an associate member of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and a member of the Eurasian Pacific Network of Universities (UNINET). Currently, KNRTU has partnerships with more than 100 universities, international educational institutions and companies from 30 countries.

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