All international students interested in going on to a level of Higher Education in Russian are offered a one year Pre-university training, which serves to prepare the applicant for the university degree program.

The Pre-university training include Russian Language training and theoretical subjects in Russian (maths, physics, chemistry, economics, etc). Russian Language training is main goal of the Preparatory Course. The content of the Preparatory Course is relevant to the degree program which you would take.

There are 3 Preparatory Courses:

Engineering Preparatory Course
Economics Preparatory Course
Medical Biological Preparatory Course

Program Tuition US$ 2000

Please fill in an application form. Deadline October 01, 2020

Contact information
Kazan National Research Technological University
Faculty of International Education
Tel./fax: +7 (843) 2314263
Karl Marks Str. 68, Kazan, 420015 Russia

The Quality Management System is certificated according to standard ISO 9001:2008
1 Credit Hour = 37 Academic Hours

You may download Program Brochures in PDF below:
(E1) - Engineering
(E2) - Economics
(M3) - Medical Biological