Astra Linux Group of Companies has launched the “Astra- Scholarship” program aimed at talented students in such areas of training as computer science and computer technology, mathematics and mechanics, electronics, radio engineering and communication systems, computer and information sciences. The program’s objects are to motivate young people to conduct projects and research in areas relevant to the company, encourage their academic success and provide support in the study of modern competencies in the field of information technology.

During 10 months, experts and teachers of educational institutions have been selecting talented students that are planned to be financially supported by the developer company starting from December 2021. Those studying in the framework of secondary vocational education programs, as well as bachelor’s and specialty programs, will be paid 15 thousand rubles, and graduate students - 20 thousand rubles per month. The company is planning to organize such scholarship competitions in the future. The new selection stage starts on February 1, 2022. Students who have already received a scholarship and have shown good results in project and scientific work during the semester, will have the opportunity to become a scholarship holder in subsequent stages.

In total, more than 1000 students from 19 educational institutions of higher and vocational education took part in the selection. 96 candidates were admitted to the final part of the competition. They have successfully completed certified courses on domestic software products and received certificates from Astra Linux Group of Companies.

At the end of the final part, the winners were announced: Amir Akhmetzyanov, Ruslan Safiullin and Vitaly Kistanov represented the Department of IT Security under the supervision of the associate professor Lina Safiullina.

Source: KNRTU