On March from 23 to 24, the X Moscow International Salon of Education was held in the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKh).

The main event of the forum was the exhibition, which presented the advanced achievement of the Russian educational industry: from school desks and children’s toys to virtual reality and universal robots, from the best developments of educational publishers to career guidance materials of the leading national universities.

This year, among the exhibitors there was KNRTU IT partner, RTSim company, a well-known developer of virtual educational models in Russia. The company’s product, RTSim-Career, could be seen in action by the forum visitors.

RTSim-Career is a bundle of educational software products that helps students of secondary vocational and higher education to obtain skills in management of oil and gas processes that are 100% corresponding with the actual production plant.

It features a full independence from foreign patented developments and heuristics, which ensures the compliance of the dynamics of indicators in the system and in the real production plant. This became possible due to the fact that developers relied on the vast experience and in-depth scientific research of KNRTU scientists.

“Our company and KNRTU are more than just the partners. Most of our employees are KNRTU graduates, which are authoritative experts and irreplaceable scientific consultants." - said Oleg Sapaev, Director of Development of RTSim.

RTSim products are actively used in education of bachelors and masters at the Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering for Chemical and Petroleum Industry at KNRTU.

Source: KNRTU