SIBUR organized a tour to Moscow for its ambassadors from all over Russia. The trip was attended by 45 people, including 6 representatives from KNRTU – Anastasia Maslova (Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology), Anna Radomskaya (Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies), Angelina Lishchinskaya (Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies), Timofey Samusov (Institute of Mechanical Engineering for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry), Sergey Martyugov (Institute of Polymers), Milyausha Garayeva (Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and High Molecular Weight Compounds Technology).

The program began with a visit to VDNKh and the House of Polymers showcase. The participants had a tour and were introduced to SIBUR’s new and unique product – Vivelen, an innovative brand of polymers with the use of recycled feedstock. Next, the students got to see the sights of Moscow, and in Skolkovo there was a demonstration of the SIBUR POLYLAB production facility, where the development of new SUBIR product takes place. There they met Konstatin Vernigorov, General Director of POLYLAB, who shared information about the capabilities of the laboratories and answered all the questions of the ambassadors. The program ended with a strategic session with experts at SIBUR headquarters. As a souvenir, the company gifted the participants with its merchandise, which was also produced using recycled polymer.

“Now we are SIBUR employees and representative of the company. I have gained tremendous experience, recharged for nine months of fruitful work, and not only met the team of KNRTU ambassadors, but also had a chance to fully immerse myself in the company’s activities in a day. And very soon a very interesting event awaits us all – SIBUR FEST!”, Anastasia Maslova shared her impressions of the tour.

Source: KNRTU