Tour club “KNRTU camp” returned from a hike in the tourist area of the Southern Urals, during which a group of four people for 8 days overcame the route length of more than 130 kilometers. The trip across the Urals was the six-day hike of the tourist club, which was attended by Egor Michurin, Lev Khusainov, Yesenia Fedorova, and led by Anton Sinenko.

The trip was organized with the support of experienced tourists from Kazan National Research Technical University named after A. N. Tupolev, Irbis and Kazan Federal University tourist clubs, who advised our students on various issues. For safety reasons, organizational aspects were also clarified with the administrations of the “Iremel” and “Zyuratkul” National Parks, and the group was released on the route with registration in the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations.

The trip started in Bashkiria and ended in the Chelyabinsk region. During the trip the group visited the Iremel and Zyuratkul national parks, climbed Mount Sinyak (1123 m), Mount Iremel (1582 m), and Mount Uvan (1222 m). Besides, the group managed to cross the pass of the Sredny Nurgush ridge 900 meters high, as well as traverse across the Bolshoi Nurgush (1406 m) and Zyuratkul (1160 m) ranges. From each peak there were views of the valleys of the Berezyak, Karagayka and Bolshaya Kalagaza rivers. The weather variability and the terrain of the Ural Mountains were unique for this route. The route included obstacles corresponding to sport hikes of the second level of difficulty - all participants were trained at a lower level to be permitted to climb them.

“The Urals met the group with challenging weather and not the toughest trails, but despite this, it gave us a beautiful view of valleys, rivers, lakes, and mountains. Each of us discovered something new in ourselves, some of us learned to walk fast, some of us started to stop more often to enjoy the views. Some of us learned patience and humility, and some of us learned to make quick decisions. We definitely recommend the Southern Urals for multi-day hikes for walking and training purposes”. - said Anton Sinenko, the Leader of the Hike.

Source: KNRTU