The European Union Entrepreneurial Environment at HEIs: Changing the World by Technology Ventures*



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Project Reference: 610758-EPP-1-2019-1-RUEPPJMO-MODULE

Start – 2019, End - 2022

The module aims at offering courses on the European entrepreneurial ecosystem to engineering students and scientists so they can expand their expertise in blending technical knowledge with business skills and create products that may change the world as their European colleagues do.

The project intends to add the EU dimension to the innovative entrepreneurship area, which is mostly non-EU oriented in Russia.

The interdisciplinary project team will include PhDs and professors with vast experience in EU studies: an entrepreneurship specialist (the leader), an educationalist, an economist and an engineer. The project participants are additionally skilled in intercultural communication, technology transfer, networking and internationalization.

Project outcomes:
• empowering students to solve real-world problems by inspiring them with EU best practices in technological innovations;
• transcending limitations of the national entrepreneurial culture through EU innovative ecosystem studies;
• encouraging local innovation companies to perform long-term integration with their role-modeling European counterparts.

Project outputs:
Four courses providing an integrated and holistic immersion into the EU HIE entrepreneurial ecosystem:
• EU Practices to Support Innovative Engineering Entrepreneurship in Higher Education;
• EU Quality Standards and Environmental Policy;
• EU 3rd Generation Universities as an Integrated Innovative Environment for Young Future Makers;
• EU Entrepreneurship Values: Cultural Diversity and Unity.

Project impact will include dissemination of EU studies to non-EU related curricula at the university, EU-inspired solutions for transformation of local technology venture ecosystem at the regional and national levels and focus on collaboration with the EU entrepreneurial networks that will benefit the EU.

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