Artem Bezrukov graduated from Kazan State Technological University in 2007 and received his PhD in 2010 at the Department of Physical Chemistry at the same university. His major study area was chemical engineering. He also obtained a minor degree dedicated to professional translation and linguistics. During his PhD study Artem was responsible for the organization of student research activities at the same university. His research was supported by the scholarship of the regional Academy of Sciences and the scholarship of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Artem was given the lecturer position at the Department of Physical Chemistry in 2010. He took to the position of an associate professor in 2011. His area of responsibilities included practical workshops for the engineering students. His teaching skills are also demanded by the Department of Foreign Languages for Professional Communication where he teaches a course of Computer Assisted Translation.

Dr. Bezrukov was invited to the International Office of Kazan National Research Technological University in March 2011. He took the position of the Deputy Head of International Office and his area of activities grew up to the university level including organization of international conferences and the visits of foreign delegations, supervision of international agreements and participation in the development of joint degree programs.

After reorganization of the International Office into the higher level structure - University International Affairs, Artem headed one of its structural units – Protocol Office. An excellent prerequisite for such a promotion was his participation in the Fulbright Program “Russian International Education Administrators” in 2012. He was selected to join the group of eight Russian International educators to participate in the unique four month Fulbright Program developed for training Russian university administrators to be bridges between US and Russian students and scholars in all aspects of international relations between two countries based on their historical, cultural, human and research potential. As the head of Protocol Office, Artem’s area of responsibilities is pretty much focused on incoming academic mobility such as international delegations and scholars as well as on the development of collaboration with the university partners in the USA.

Dr. Bezrukov has a list of various awards, grants and scholarships: - Fulbright RIEA Scholarship in 2012; - 6 awards for the best research report at Russian and International conferences in 2007-2011; - Scholarship of Russian Federation Government in 2009; - Fellowship of Republic of Tatarstan Government for Academic Research in 2008; - “Postgraduate Student of the Year” Award, KSTU, in 2007; - Fellowship of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences in 2007; - Scholarship of Republic of Tatarstan Government in 2007; - Scholarship of KSTU Academic Council in 2004; Dr. Bezrukov is the author or co-author of 40 scientific publications.

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