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Универсиада 2019

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Welcome to our web-site, the Internet home for Kazan National Research Technological University, a world-class University, one of the largest Universities in Russia.

Over 1000 Professors, the very best in their fields, advance the horizons of knowledge to over 26 thousand students from Russia and foreign countries who chose to study here. Kazan National Research Technological University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. Degree programs in Engineering and Humanities. Moreover, our students are offered additional minor education opportunities and can obtain second Degree while studying their main program.

The laboratories of our University are equipped with cutting edge equipment for advanced research in chemical engineering, nanoscience and biotechnology. Excellence in education and research has made us the top technological university in Russia, a highly ranked leader in training specialists for chemical engineering. Our graduates are qualified specialists whose career is a success story in Russian and world chemical and petrochemical industry.

Kazan National Research Technological University places great emphasis on integration into world educational and scientific society to become a truly world university. We have 136 partners in 37 countries: universities, research institutes, educational centers and industrial companies. Our University was the first of the 8 Russian Universities to become a member of Eurasia Pacific University Network (UNINET). The UNESCO-Associated Centre for Microscience Experiments is working here. Our University provides pre-university training in the Russian language for foreign students from all over the world. We have double programs with Liaoning Shihua University, China and are developing double degree programs with universities in Austria and Spain.

Our key priority is to provide students with positive, enjoyable and enriching experience during education. Our students take part in clubs, societies and sport teams. There are over 30 sport clubs, including handball, tennis, chess and volleyball. Students Union runs different contests, activities and festivals.

We have obtained the status of a National Research University in 2010 and enjoy well-deserved place in the new elite club of 36 Russian leading universities. This remarkable event was followed by our 120th anniversary, when outstanding potential and long-lasting traditions in higher education met together. We always remember that Kazan National Research Technological University has always given opportunities to young people seeking a higher education and a better life. This is as clear today as it was in 1890.

According to The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, KNRTU is number 10 in the rating among 159 technical universities of the country.

In the rating, which was compiled by the order of The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia - KNRTU is number 31-32 among 405 universities of the countries of CIS, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. According to the indicator of educational activity in this rating, KNRTU is in TOP-50 and in TOP-30 by research activity. KNRTU is number 24 among the universities of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

KNRTU is the only University in Tatarstan, which signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with Skolkovo Innovation Centre in 2010. This opens new prospects for innovation development of KNRTU and Republic of Tatarstan.

I hope you enjoy browsing our website and you can find more information by contacting the University about your areas of interest.

Rector of Kazan National Research Technological University

AUTHOR: Rector of Kazan National Research Technological University

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