KNRTU Alumni Association

Nowadays, Kazan National Research Technological University is one of the leading higher education institutions that earned a well-deserved reputation among Russian and foreign universities. However, it’s worth mentioning that our graduates have an opportunity to not only receive a high- quality education complying with the international standards, but also to fulfill their potential and to contribute to the university development. We consider that KNRTU Alumni Association is supposed to become a community, where the ideas of the university development and prosperity will be created and cultivated by its members- KNRTU graduates holding key positions in state and private organizations. We hope that the Republic of Tatarstan regional public organization “Alumni Association of the Kazan National Research Technological University” will become a unique community uniting graduates interested in professional communication as well as those having common interests and hobbies.

The creation of the Alumni Association can serve as a tool for effective use of the graduates’ potential in helping to solve problems the university faces, that is especially important in the context of the growing competition in the global market of educational services. Gathering together different graduation years alumni will contribute to not only their own successful promotion, but also to the solution of various social problems arising in their environment such as employment issue.

Thus, the key mission of the Alumni Association is rallying and social promotion of KNRTU alumni from every generation, as together they will be able to contribute effectively to the university progressive development.

The key task of our Association is to create favorable conditions for communication of graduates, particularly in the forms of sharing experience with each other and with the purpose of personal fulfilment of its’ members in professional, creative and scientific fields. Business and leisure events, that are planned in the framework of the regional public organization “Alumni of the Kazan National Research Technological University” are supposed to contribute to the development of graduates’ partner relationship and to the preservation of values and interests.

KNRTU Alumni Association objectives:

- Consolidate efforts of graduates in order to increase public recognition of the university;

- Maintain corporate spirit of KNRTU students and graduates.

KNRTU Alumni Association plans:

- Development and implementation of an effective instrument of influence on the Organization members’ interests;

- Establishing networks between government authorities, business representatives and the university with the purpose of training qualified specialists, developing social integration mechanism and conducting research activities.

Our Organization is aimed at establishing effective relationship between employers and the university graduates for solving employment issues, carrying out activities on revival and conservation of the university traditions and their strengthening, as well as supporting KNRTU museum.

Our activities:

- Organization of leisure activities (graduation ceremonies, alumni reunions);

- Business events organization (conferences, round tables);

- Graduate students record keeping. (tracking significant and memorable events in their lives);

- Publishing activities (guides, graduate catalogs, collection of memoirs and other publications);

- Attraction of funds for development of the university and implementation of the Alumni Association projects;

- KNRTU brand promotion;

- Providing graduates with comprehensive support in the implementation of their projects;

- Information coverage of the Alumni Association activities (website development);

- Newsletter distribution;

- Organization of annual university competitions among students and teachers and award ceremonies;

- Awarding the best faculty teachers based on the results of university competitions. These competitions are focused on the development of University’s faculty teaching skills;

- Awarding the University research workers for great achievements in fundamental research, as well as for inventions and their implementation;

- Implementing scholarship programs to reward the best students of faculties. These programs are aimed at raising the prestige of education and scientific activities;

- Assistance to veterans and employees of the University who have dedicated themselves to work at KNRTU and have made a significant contribution to the development of education and science;

- Work on creation and publication of the University alumni base;

- Assistance in the employment of promising students at enterprises and organizations that cooperate closely with the Association;

- Career consulting (organization of career orientation day, practical courses, workshops, presentations);

- Assistance in organizing training and retraining of specialists for enterprises that are collective members of the Organization and for other enterprises and organizations of the Russian Federation where University graduates are employed.