Research Infrastructure


KNRTU has a developed scientific and innovative infrastructure. Its work ensures the functioning of a full cycle of commercial exploitation of technologies developed by the University from basic research to the implementation of R&D results.

KNRTU has more than 180 educational laboratories, which are annually updated with new and modern equipment and where students actively conduct experiments in organic, inorganic, analytical chemistry, physics, heat engineering and many other scientific disciplines.


"NanoAnalitiks" Integrated Laboratory

• Laboratory of microanalysis and electronic spectroscopy

• Laboratory of optic analysis methods

• Laboratory of X-ray analysis methods

• Laboratory of mass-spectrometry and spectrophotometry

• Laboratory of thermal analysis

• Laboratory of gas and liquid chromatography

• Laboratory of sample preparation

• Laboratory of general chemistry analysis methods

• Laboratory of physico-mechanical research

28,000 USD - earned on research practices

40,000 USD - earned on commercial contracts

54 measuring equipment units

15 testing equipment units

40 units of support equipment

Common use center "Special-Purpose Chemistry and Special Technology"

CUC «Special-Purpose Chemistry and Special Technology» at KNRTU Institute of Chemistry and Engineering incorporates analytical and special-purpose equipment for exploring structures of energy-saturated systems, their physico-chemical, physico-mehanical and specific properties.

Laboratory of thermal analysis is equipped with METTLER TOLEDO devices: Thermogravimetric Analyser, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Thermomechanical Analyser

It has 58 specialized equipment units

Overall cost of equipment: 3,140,000 US$

Common use center for nanoparticles production and research "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies"


• Laboratory of plasmatic methods in nanoparticles manufacturing

• Laboratory of electrochemical and chemical methods in nanoparticles manufacturing

• Laboratory of hypercritical methods in nanoparticles manufacturing

• Nanoparticles manufacturing and modification department, incorporating:

- Plasmatic modification sector

- Spark Plasma Sintering sector

- Plasmatic modification of tissues sector

- Laboratory of spectroscopy, microscopy and thermal analysis

- Laboratory of spectral research methods

- Laboratory of physico-chemical research methods

Laboratories for energy-intensive materials research

KNRTU Technopark Test Laboratory

The main goal of the laboratory is to uplift the product competitiveness of Tatarstan’s leading petrochemical enterprises.

Core work:

• Climatic testing of end products;

• Rheologic testing of polymers;

• Fire safety testing of polymers;

• Film materials testing;

• Cable products testing.

- Incoming quality control of raw materials;

- Final quality inspection;

- Formulation in accordance with terms of reference;

- Scientific research.

Specialized Laboratories

• Laboratory of energy-saturated materials components synthesis

• Laboratory of energy-saturated materals physicochemical properties

• Laboratory of aerodispersion systems characteristics studies

• Laboratory of combustion and pyrotechnic compositions radiation

• Laboratory of chemical physics of gunpowder combustion processes and solid rocket propellants

• Laboratory of energy-saturated materials explosive characteristics

• «Technological safety» laboratory

• Laboratory of physico-mechanical testing of energysaturated materials

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