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Универсиада 2019



The University comprises 14 academic and research institutes and 3 branches; runs over 150 Specialist, Bachelor’s, Master’s Degree and Ph.D. programs; enrolls over 26 thousand undergraduate and graduate students, 900 Ph.D. and 100 Post-Doc students from Russia and other countries; employs over 300 Full Professors, Doctors of Science and 1100 Associate Professors, Ph.D.s.

Institutes are structural academic and research subdivisions of Kazan National Research Technological University. Institutes consist of faculties, which, in their turn, include academic departments.

Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology

Institute of Mechanical Engineering for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Institute of Innovation Management

Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies

Institute of Polymers

Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology

Institute of Textile Industry, Fashion and Design

Institute of Automated Control Systems and Information Technologies

Institute of Additional Professional Education

Institute of Lifelong Education


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