Russian Technology Platform «TEXTILE AND LIGHT INDUSTRY»

Coordinating organization: Federal state budget educational institution of higher education Kazan National Research Technological University.

The Technology platform "Textile and Light Industry" (hereinafter - Technology Platform) is a form of implementing public-private partnership, a way of mobilizing capacity of stakeholders (government, business, academia) and a tool for the formation of scientific and technical, and innovative policy to support innovation development and technological modernization of the Russian economy as one of the components of an indelible element of ensuring the quality of life of the population.

The Technology Platform is an association based on the principles of voluntariness and equality of participants — organizations and enterprises of any form of business entity and form of ownership, including state institutions, professional associations, associations of non-governmental organizations, scientific organizations and higher educational institutions that share the goals and objectives of the Technology Platform and participate in their achievement.

The Technology Platform serves as a conceptual framework for the development of small businesses in the industry, stimulating pilot projects and major public-significant investment projects for modernization and technical re-equipment in the production of high-tech, marketable products of a new generation based on the use of private public partnership.

The Government Commission on High Technologies and Innovations, established by order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 278-p dated March 3, 2010, decided to approve this platform as a priority industry in the development of innovations in the Russian Federation (Commission Protocol dated February 21, 2012). The purpose of the platform is to become a permanent open intersectoral communication platform for discussion, demand generation and implementation of innovative promising projects, where competitiveness and development depend on scientific and technological achievements in the medium and long term.

Members of the Technology Platform - 92, including:

  • manufacturing enterprises - 67;
  • scientific – research institutes – 6;
  • educational institutes of higher vocational level - 10;
  • Russian associations and unions of textile and light industry – 8;
  • Foreign organizations: Association NECE S.A.R.L., Germany – 1.