International Projects



China has historically been one of the most important partners of KNRTU in the scientific field. Active cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences allows KNRTU students to study on PhD programs at leading universities of the PRC, contributing to the conduct of scientific research and the growth of publication activity.

In October 2019, KNRTU delegation visited Henan province to participate in the II Henan Exhibition of Scientific and Technical Achievements of Colleges and Universities. This allowed us to develop partnerships with new colleagues from China. An extremely important result of the trip was the signing of an agreement with the Zhang Yunchuan International Center for Promoting Innovative Entrepreneurship, which operates at the Zhengzhou University. Since KNRTU pays special attention to the process of R&D results commercialization, cooperation with the Zhang Yunchuan Center will contribute to the further development within this area.

International Conferences

KNRTU annually becomes a venue for major international conferences, seminars and symposiums. This is extremely important for establishing communication between KNRTU scientists and foreign colleagues in both formal and informal ways, and affects the quality of the scientific process at the university. The choice of KNRTU as a place for such important events is due to the serious experience and high level of hosting foreign partners.

Recent major international scientific events held at KNRTU include the following:

Workshop on Digital Transformation with Emerson

The workshop was held in February 2019 by representatives of the world-famous company – Emerson. It was dedicated to digital technologies and digital transformation in industry.

Danny Vandeput (Belgium), Director of Emerson Automation Solutions in Europe and the CIS for PlantWeb and Wireless Solutions, and Artem Boriskov, Business Development Manager for the Industrial Internet of Things of LLC Emerson in Russia, made a speech to the students of the Institute of Control Systems and Information Technologies and representatives of Kazan IT companies.

The main topic of the workshop was the discussion of the opening an automation laboratory equipped with the most modern equipment from the company at KNRTU.

Artem Borisov told about the history of the company's development in Russia since the 2000s, starting with the establishment of the Metran Industrial Group in Chelyabinsk.

Danny Vandeput made a presentation on the topic of digital transformation, highlighting its five key tasks: automation of production processes, decision support, advanced training, mobility and change management.

The 6th Annual Workshop "Furniture Production Technologies" in Cooperation with the Basis-Center Company, TPA Srl (Italy), LEAGUE and IDEL Group Companies

The workshop was held in February 2019 and was dedicated to modern software, technical and technological solutions for furniture enterprises.

The workshop was attended by managers, designers and engineers from different furniture enterprises, representatives of universities that train personnel for the woodworking industry, as well as delegations from Belarus and Kazakhstan. The number of participants was more than 230 people.

TPA Srl company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of NC systems and software in the world, was presentated by Andrea Del Avo. He noted that the company successfully cooperates with such major equipment manufacturers as VITAP, ALBERTI and TOP (Italy), as well as Russian LEAGUE and Basis-Center companies.

Luisa Vernero, CAD Chief Design Engineer, presented the new version of the TpaNesting program and its interaction with the BASIS system, and also spoke about the main features of the TpaCad program on the example of modeling furniture facades.

XVI International Conference of Young Scientists on Food Technologies and Biotechnologies

The conference, which was held for the 16th time, was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Periodic System of Chemical Elements.

The conference brought together researchers from 47 organizations of science and higher education from Moscow to Ulan-Ude, scientists from Belarus, Norway, the United States, Central Asian States, Algeria, Vietnam and other countries, as well as representatives of industrial enterprises.

The extensive conference program, in addition to plenary and breakout sessions, included round table, an exhibition of small-scale agricultural companies’ products, the Spectrum of Taste festival of innovative projects, as well as a semifinal of the UMNIK program of The Innovation Promotions Fund.

In the reports of the breakout sessions, the following topics were discussed: technology of plant and animal products, medial treatment and functional nutrition, technological equipment, processes and machinery of food production, quality and safety of food products, economy of the food and biotechnological industry and many others.

The participation of the colleagues from the Norwegian University of Bergen was especially important. This university specializes in aquaculture, fish and seafood cultivation - a direction that is economically and socially significant not only for the Republic of Tatarstan, but also for the whole Russia.

Among the Norwegian representatives were Frode Mo, Norwegian trade representative in Russia, and Amund Måge, Marine Director of the University of Bergen, one of the leading experts in the field of aquaculture. They stressed the importance of cooperation in the field of fish and seafood cultivation for both countries. Mr. Måge also spoke about how research activities related to various aspects of aquaculture, including the control of fish parasites and other risks, were organized at the University of Bergen.

International Network Scientific and Practical Conference on Engineering Education: Problems of Transformation for Industry 4.0 (Synergy-2019)

The theme of the conference, held in September 2019, was personnel support for enterprises of the petrochemical complex and problems of transformation of engineering education for industry 4.0. The Conference brought together 155 participants from 15 universities in Russia, Kazakhstan and Estonia.

The rector of KNRTU outlined the strategic priorities for the development of an engineering university on the example of KNRTU, such as the access to the international arena, the development of gifted youth in the field of technological entrepreneurship, including through Russian development institutions.

Tiia Rüütmann, President of the IGIP International Monitoring Committee, Professor of Tallinn University of Technology, relying on the achievements of engineering pedagogy, advised teachers to use 4 main learning theories: Behaviorism (practical training), Constructivism and Cognitivism (translation of the most important knowledge), Social Constructivism (soft competence), and Humanism (responsibility, self-motivation, time management, etc.).

Veronika Efremova, Head of Tyumen Industrial University (TIU), presented the model of engineering education in the context of the formation of Industry 4.0, implemented in TIU. Its key characteristics are multidisciplinary, multitasking, and multi-technology.

The experience of colleagues from Kazakhstan in the field of accreditation of training programs for engineers was presented by Yesbol Omirzhanov, General Secretary of the Kazakhstan Association of Engineering Education KazSEE.

For reference. The international Synergy network conference has been held since 2016 on the basis of leading engineering universities in Russia and foreign countries and since 2016 on the initiative of KNRTU under the aegis of the International Society for Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP). The Gazprom, which provides organizational and financial support to the conference, expressed solidarity with the conference concept. The original network format ensured participation of representatives from leading universities and subsidiaries of Gazprom, as well as representatives of the largest engineering universities of Russia and foreign countries.

International Associations

KNRTU is a member of a number of international scientific associations. Participation in such organizations is of great importance for the university, as it allows to implement large-scale research projects in cooperation with other association members, to share experience and develop partnerships.

Eurasia-Pacific UNINET

In 2019, KNRTU participated in the 6th plenary session of the Eurasia –Pacific Association UNINET (170 member universities from Asia and Europe), which aimed at defining common research areas of further projects and cooperation between participating organizations, as well as presenting projects proposed for implementation in the upcoming year. As a result, KNRTU was chosen as the host university for the Workshop on Food Safety and Public Health Conference in 2020 under the aegis of this association.

European Chemistry Thematic Network Association (ECTNA)

The University annually participates in the events of the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association (ECTNA) and conduct online EChemTest testing for schoolchildren, which takes place in all member countries of the Association. In 2019, 170 schoolchildren from Tatarstan and other regions of Russia took part in the Academic competition in online EChemTest testing format. 90 percent of participants became students of KNRTU. In May 2019, under the aegis of ECTNA, KNRTU held the IV International Internet Conference on Modern Solutions to Scientific and Industrial Problems in Chemistry, which is annually attended by 600-700 students and scientists from the association universities.

University Alliance of Yangtze-Volga

“Yangtze-Volga” interregional cooperation between Russia and China has been developing since 2013 in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on further strengthening and diversification of relations between Russia and China. On June 16, 2017 the ceremony of signing the agreement on creation the association of the Russian Federation Volga Federal District universities and universities of Yangtze river upper and middle courses provinces was held in the framework of board meeting on “Yangtze-Volga” interregional cooperation in Hefei (The People’s Republic of China). Currently about 80 Russian and Chinese universities are the members of University Alliance of Yangtze-Volga. On the Chinese part Sichuan University (Chengdu city) was chosen as an organizer of University Alliance of Yangtze-Volga and Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev was appointed as a co-organizer on the Russian part.

Euroasian Universities Association (EUA)

KNRTU joined the EUA in 2015 in accordance with the 8th Congress of the Eurasian Association of Universities.

The Eurasian Association of Universities (EUA) is the largest international organization of CIS countries’ universities. Currently the association comprises 142 universities from 13 countries.

A number of major events such as international forums (the 8th International forum “Eurasian Economic Perspectives” 2020), congresses (the 14th congress of the Eurasian Association of Universities, 2019) and conferences are organized in the framework of the EUA with the participation of Russian and CIS countries’ universities.

In 2020 KNRTU faculty as the member of EUA organized the following events: the 16th International Research-to-Practice Conference of students and young scientists with the elements of “Light industry new technologies and materials” scientific school; the 33rd International scientific conference “Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Technology MMET-33”; the 7th all-Russian science and technology conference for students “Intensification of heat and mass transfer process in chemical engineering”


ZENIT is innovation and technology center of North Rhine-Westphalian representing public-private noncommercial partnership with the participation of North Rhine-Westphalian land. Provides support for small and medium-sized technology-oriented companies, research organizations as well as for universities in their innovation activities and internationalization, unites potential partners in business and science. KNRTU joined ZENIT in 2017. The cooperation between our university and this association is characterized by constant development. Thus, in 2019 ZENIT was giving review of training courses in the framework of Jean Monnet project “Entrepreneurial Environment in EU universities: how do technology initiatives change the world” and also provided practice materials on innovation activation in a region on the example of its organization.