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Russian language is better to learn in Kazan National Research Technological University! We can offer a wide choice of Russian courses on the basis of Faculty of International Education Programs.

Classes are held in different forms: lectures, seminars, master classes, private lessons, video lectures etc.
A distinctive feature of our courses is the individual approach to the students, favorable atmosphere of education and the opportunity to participate in a variety of excursions and cultural programs in their free time. All courses are focused on preparing for exams in Russian as a foreign language. Basic course of the Russian language is for those who never studied Russian before. After taking this course you will learn to communicate freely in executive department, in the shop, at the post office, in the restaurant, in the library, during classes, in the street and in transport, in theatre, in museum, at the doctor’s and on the phone. You will learn to read, write short reports on certain topics and understand Russian aurally.

First level course of the Russian language is for those, who began to study Russian before. Besides all mentioned above, you will learn different styles of communication, will be able to read long text easily, and also will learn a lot about Russia, its culture and peculiarities.

Second level course of the Russian language. You will be able to communicate effectively in different situations, and also pursue professional activity in Russian as a specialist. You will learn to communicate in social, cultural and business spheres, speak about politics, economics, science and art. You will learn to create business texts (official documents), understand aurally considerably long speeches, read books on specialized subjects, and also some fiction.

Third level course of the Russian language. It will help you to master more difficult grammatical and lexical peculiarities of the Russian language, to learn how to work with newspaper articles and scientific texts, You will master the characteristic features of these styles and more complicated forms of speech etiquette. In addition to the one-year Russian language courses we offer the following specialized vocational-oriented courses:
- Russian language media
- Russian language for business communication
- Specialized course in vocabulary and grammar of the Russian language, including morphology and syntax.

Training includes 20 hours per week (vocabulary - 8 hours, grammar - 7 hours, phonetics - 5 hours).

Program Tuition 90000 rubles.

Please fill in an application form. Deadline October 01, 2018

Contact information
Kazan National Research Technological University
Faculty of International Educational Programs
Tel./fax: +7 (843) 2314263
Karl Marks Str. 68, Kazan, 420015 Russia

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