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Универсиада 2019

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The representatives of KNRTU took part in the Russian Fulbright Alumni conference in Moscow

On April 12-13, 2018, Russian Fulbright Alumni gathered in Moscow to participate in a conference «45 years of Successful International Professional Communication». Julia Ziyatdinova, Director of KNRTU International Affairs and Artem Bezrukov, Head of KNRTU Protocol Office won the Fulbright grant to take part in the conference.

Julia Ziyatdinova joined the plenary session with her speech on Best Practices of Institutional Cooperation at KNRTU and International Grant Programs. Since 2011, our University actively cooperates with the Fulbright Program. Our students and faculty apply for different grants for the development of Russian and international academic mobility. Starting from 2011, KNRTU hosted four All-Russian scientific schools on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies which gathered young scientists from all Russia - from Kaliningrad to Yakutsk. American professors invited in the framework of the Fulbright Specialist Program gave lectures for these schools. Among them we should mention Dr. Jhon Elter, professor of the State University of New York at Albany and Dr. Osama Awadelkarim, professor of Pennsylvania State University.

Apart from that, during the past 7 years KNRTU has won over 10 Fulbright grants. American scholars worked at the University including English teachers in 2011-2012 and 2016-2017, Dr. Chen Gang (University of Alaska Fairbanks) in the first term of 2017/2018 academic year, 3 KNRTU faculty members undertook long-term (1-2 semesters) internships at American universities.

Artem Bezrukov is RIEA Fulbright alumnus (Russian International Education Administrators) of 2012. This program is especially designed for International department staff. At the conference, he participated in the round table discussion «RIEA Program as a Tool for Strategic Partnership of the Universities». The discussion touched different aspects related to international activity of the universities including recruiting of international students and faculty, raising academic mobility funds, and etc.

The participants of the conference were greeted by the Director of the Fulbright Program in Russia - Joel Ericson. The organizers of the conference announced current Fulbright events: summer schools, granting programs, local events, hosting of the USA grantees. Artem Bezrukov and Julia Ziyatdinova shared KNRTU experience with the representatives of other Russian universities.

Administrators of American community colleges participated in the anniversary events, as well. During two weeks, they got acquainted with the Russian educational environment, in particular with the system of secondary vocational education (SVE) under the umbrella of universities and colleges. It is worth saying that Kazan National Research Technological University was the first institution visited by the delegation. Representatives of American community colleges stressed their positive impression from visiting KNRTU, its SVE system, and meeting KNRTU administrators, faculty and students.

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